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Bean Bag Tournament

Entry Fee: $10 per Team (must be 16 or older to participate)

Tournament is a Single Elimination Format


First Place    $100
Second Place $50

Pre-registration is requested and preferred

Tournament to start at 5 p.m. rain or shine

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Tournament Rules

1. The boards are placed 27 feet apart from one another.

2. There are eight (8) bags, four (4) bags of each color. The bags to be used are provided by the tournament.

3. In this tournament we are playing doubles. Partners play from opposing boards. Each team has four (4) bags, all the same color.

4. The team who has honors begins by throwing the bag at the opposite board. They continue to alternate until all eight (8) bags are thrown. A coin flip takes place to determine who has honors to start the game. The winning team has honors from that point on. If no one wins a round, it defaults back to the previous round’s winner, or the person who won the coin flip, if a round hasn’t been won yet.

5. Points - 3 points for a cornhole bag that goes through the hole, 1 point for a bag that is on the board – No points are awarded for bags that are touching the ground. Bags that bounce up onto the board are removed and do not count. At the end of the round, you add up the total points for each team and the winning team adds the difference to their total score. The game ends when the first team reaches a total score of 21.

6. Time Limit - Each game has a time limit of 25 minutes. The round starts at the scheduled starting time. When the time limit is up, the current round taking place is finished and the team with the highest total score wins the game. If tied, another round is played and the winner of the round is declared the winner. If still tied, we continue to use this method until a winner is declared.

Tournament Registration

Download the tournament registration form and mail to Galena Lions Club, P.O. Box 56, Galena, Illinois 61036.
Galena Lions Club P.O. Box 56, Galena, Illinois 61036
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